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The Taste of Thailand

light and

Manual work is important to us. Everything is prepared with care and freshly processed. High-quality ingredients, original recipes and an endless range of spices are our challenge to all gourmets. Meat and fish are subject to regular controls. Briefly sautéed, full of vitamins, little fat and sugar, almost no salt. Ideal for a slim line.

exciting and

The Thai cuisine is certainly one of the most delicate and exciting cuisines in the whole world. Chinese and Indian influences are undeniable. We cherish the traditions and get the best from our neighbours. Our family recipes are fancy and independent. If you know the many fine variations, you will love our menu. Cooking is art and joy for Supan’s.

happy, relaxed and
with joy

In Thailand, we love light and pleasurable life in this world. sanuk, having fun, is a column of our philosophy. It makes us joyful, relaxed, friendly and brings the famous smile on our faces. Eating is absolutely sanuk. The more people take part in it, the more sanuk it is.